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Monthly Archives: February 2007

Welcome to my new destination!
Words are mirrors of your character they say, and yet there are many who post stuff just because they want to be part of the Blogger’s Bandwagon. And I am one of them.

What I write here might be of Great relevance and interest to some and others might find it anything from bland to atrocious. And everyone has a right to his/her opinion. To give due respects to this right, I will take the liberties to put anything and everything that I feel will invoke opinions.

If you find my writing interesting, then Bravo! Let’s meet up on a Drink (refined H2O) and Discuss (bash up each other’s opinions)! If nothing else, let’s Talk (with loads of Gyaan thrown in) and get Drunk (on attitude, liquor or mere conversation)!

For now, Happy Journey through Poslished Crap !