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Monthly Archives: March 2007

The title does gives one, a huge scope for imagination. Before you start getting ideas, let me make my move.

A few days ago, our Badshah Boy SRK(ShahRukh Khan) mentioned Bollywood films having no revolutionary effect on the janta. And my dear friend Ouch Potato Anil Thakraney begged to differ. I did too. What with games like Hockey gaining the much-needed attention from sponsors and audience alike.

Yes, I am referring to CHAKDE India. A Gorgeous movie, I admit. With SRK putting his time and sweat into making sure he sounds nothing less than the former National Hockey Champion. His dedication, devotion and intense loyalty to the game oozes out of each move. Be it the confidence in his eyes when he attempts to instill faith into the Women’s Hockey Panel, or the joy in his smile on seeing a non-national hoist the Indian Flag on a foreign land, he has everyone alive mesmerized and awe-inspired.

Teaching the most vital of all attributes such as loyalty, teamwork, focus, practice and love for the nation above all, SRK has not only done India proud; he has also infused a new zest in every young Indian to reckon with the fact “Sometimes, Success is everything!”

Kudos SRK! You really know the pulse of the nation.