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Monthly Archives: June 2007

Fast-paced Development seems to be answer the multi-million dreams of young entrepreneurs. Professionals get to take home a luxurious lifestyle, Artists get unheard royalties, Parents get well-equipped schools, Maids get trendy housekeeping machines; everything so sate-of-the art and convenient. Amazing, aint it?

And then there is the bitter side. Crowded countries and Mundane worklife and Daily stress and Polluted air and Scarcity of healthy nourishments and footboard travelling and.. Wait! Foodboard Travelling? Now that has a solution. With domestic flights and helicopter services soon to be available to all(those who can afford the premium). At a premium is just the initials. Very soon they would get as affordable as local trains. What say?

Okay now lets see a day in the life of a Business Man in 2020.

Cars? Are U nuts? I cant get it down from 13th floor parking everyday. Bikes? Arent they for college kids? Planes? Yes. And what about the Traffic Jams?

Traffic Jams in the Skies?!

We could build more roads, more rails, however, Skies?!

And then there is Poll. A voice from the crowd yells

“Flight by Night”!


The crowd Rejoices!
Much to their late realization; And there goes a sweet Sunday Schedule.. No more Friday Nights.. Well thats when one would be flying back and forth to your Offices / Homes?! Aint it?