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Monthly Archives: October 2007

With most initiatives wanting to grab the largest piece of the available attention, be it online or offline, design has become a very essential aspect today. From redesigning its website to make it a pleasing experience for its Job Seeker clout, to Orkut going in for a complete makeover, Online companies and communities have started taking the User Interface seriously. Now with such a revolution on the prowl, how could Microsoft be any far!

Yes. A week back an invite to the Microsoft Expression Unique Design Event, landed into my Inbox. Astonished to hear that a Seminar from a serious IT firm, was being held in a pub, I was curious to know what it was all about. Indeed it was a new piece of code out in the market to snap up the attention of the Designers of today. WOW! Microsoft and Design???!!!

At the corner of the open room, cosily sat a Big Screen with some weird software screenshots being projected. Some tech heads were seen belting out words that meant little to a nerd like Me. And there were some User Experience interns and managers wading their way through bunches of audiences, trying to initiate every possible conversation worth a bout.

How could I be spared? Seeking the first opportunity to interact I found this friendly man called Gautam, who runs his own communication firm. We started talking and the User Experience guys from Microsoft joined in and the casual talk turned into an interview, which in turn turned into a discussion, which proceeded into some valuable knowledge exchange.

With a heady new concoction of Martinis n Microsoft Design, who would want to leave without a Kudos to them!

Thank You Microsoft!


Its surprising to see such a vital part of Grammar being dumped that too after decades of proud existence. The sixth edition of the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary has knocked the hyphens out of 16,000 words, many of them two-word compound nouns. Sad for many lazy minds like me, now the luxury of using the hypen between any two words to bring it close, is history.

In a way it seems good; now that it brought the pigeon and the hole together (pigeonhole in lieu of pigeon-hole) and pushed the pot away from the belly (pot belly in lieu of pot-belly). πŸ˜‰