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Monthly Archives: June 2008

For someone with a patriotic streak, like me, the India map drawn in gold, brought a Big Smile on my face.

And what more when it was in the hands of some of the most able sportsmen of the world. With even the last two balls being teeth-gritting, the IPL Finals was certainly something to be wrote about. The fact that I, generally so turned off by the mere word Cricket, did watch the IPL 20-20 Finals through to the last ball, was certainly a pleasant surprise for my Cric-crazy Dad and Brother.

It was a moment of celebration for all. Dhoni, Shane Watson, Shane Warne, Pathan, Srivatsa, Tanveer all the names I learnt at the end of the match. What pleased Me most, is the sight of the Trophy! Being far apart from the usual crystal balls or silver man or woman, the golden Indian Map gave the trophy a brand new look and a classy appeal. And the warmth of my joy was hightened when a non-Indian (the Australian international cricketer and captiain of the Rajastan Royals) raised My India in Gold, as his honor, high.