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Monthly Archives: August 2008

An evolution in Communication, was making interaction possible online. The breakthrough, surely has helped make talking, messaging and connecting with people you know and you don’t, possible and less cumbersome. However, an online diary, did not sound so great to me.

Your diary was a talk with yourself, exclusive and personal, ain’t it? And today, I see it become more of a platform to share thoughts and experiences.

I agree, the flip side of the discussion, certainly means knowledge exchange. Be it knowing your own self better or something you like to know more about, and connecting to people to acquire that knowledge.

It all started with online forums specific to interests. And then came blogs and then the Orkuts and the Facebooks surfaced. Today even a humble Photo Uploading website has Social Networking integrated. And here we see a ‘minglebox’, a ‘myspace’ and an ‘ibibo’ making a difference and most recently ‘lifeblob’. All have wonderful yet different features, and I had ended up opening test accounts on all of them.

Today, when I look back I realize that although every new Social Networking website has its own advantages, could not it have been much easier, if all were just extensions to one huge interface and one common database?

It certainly is a high getting onto these various online networks and making new friends. However, it always means inviting friends or joining another website. And the focus shifts back to the basic. Is it worth scattering my presence all over the web(WOW! The I am all over the Internet & Google Search feeling is ecstatic), or should it be just me and my diary, and a unconditional, uncompromising, effortless minddump of my emotions, expressions and thoughts?

Now am I a hype victim here?