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Monthly Archives: November 2008

How would it be the feeling of death
The Curiosity soaked deeper every breath
I dint want to die, I dint hate to live,
I loved myself enough more than said.

I lay on the iron rails too numb to ponder
Blown by the feeling that filled my mind
Brutal, Ruthless, were words I had heard
Never fealt the need to explore the unsaid.

Right there in my eyes death stared at Me,
I couldn’t feel the pain, nor Fear scared Me,
Was I wrong? Am I right? too late to think
A minute more and am no better than bread.

The rush of blood, it felt so nice
The next very moment I was restless as mice
It was bright sunlight and now its dark
Broken into parts, I sure shud be dead.


Nature divine, bright sunshine,
Dew drops glittering a rainbow fine,
Fresh and New, amazing too,
One look and warmth embraces U.
SweetHeart eyes, Blush on the face,
Oh! my heartbeat’s at racing pace!

We met one day and exchanged a smile,
We began to speak in just a while,
We shared our mind, we bartered thoughts,
We traded frowns and laughed a lot .
Every special moment we spent in time,
I cherish today and write this rhyme.

Wish U an Amazing life Ahead!

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going. ”

Thanks to my client, I was introduced to the power of Microsoft Project Professional.

What I took a few hours in MSExcel turned out to be a cakewalk in MPP as it’s called. Setting hierarchies and Preceding tasks was a breeze.

Thanks MPP!

Dheerese tere galon pe,
Reshamse tere balon pe,
Sunehra Dhoop jo padta hai,
Pyale mein bhara ho jaam,
Kuch aisa lagta hai.

” Life can only be understood backwards but
It must be lived forward. ”

Pretty strange and very True.

Here are a few helpful links:

This site is a quick solution to check for availability of the same username across Blogging, Social Networking and Utility communities.

A social media site for finance, investing, and business topics. You can vote, submit, or comment on a story.

There are 3 things that struck my eyes today while browsing for some news and mail. And all had something to do with VOICE., the web version of the business daily, Mint, from the Hindustan Times stable has launched a Web Radio version. They realized people hear more than they read.

Google has launched its Voice and video chat on GTalk and GMail. Now we you can see your friends while you chat. That too from right within your email web client.

Motorola wins the Radio Network deal and will supply networks to Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad international airports. The expected revenue over a five-year period is $20-30 million.

Kudos Guys! Now, The World is listening!

Us Husn ki Tamanna hum karte gaye,
Jiskpe hak humara tha hi nahi,
Us Ashq ki hifasat hum karte gaye,
Jisko hum kabhi na rok sake,
Kya pata kal ki zehnat humme kya degi,
Aaj hi zindagi ne saath choda,
Maut ki Zalim har waqt yeh Sajish thi,
Ain waqt pe vo bhi faraar hai ab.

Time, Money and Happiness share the same melting point – Desire Infinite!