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Monthly Archives: March 2009


If God were to embark,
On earth and choose to ask,
Every man his wish,
And then assign a task.
Then Every man alive,
Will use the power they have,
To change the world for good,
And let the whole world thrive.

In the world of wimps, Nothing can go wrong,
The Evil and the Good, Are equally strong,
No One wins the battle, No One rules the world,
The Universe belongs to one and all around.

The living will live, The dying will die,
The zombies of the world, will all survive,
The charms of the Heaven, The winds of the Hell,
Are all a Hoax, And the Emperor is himself the Devil.

Worms thrive in my Flesh, 
Blood clots in my stream, 
Bursting my Rotten Veins, 
All from within.

She wont even answer, 
She cares no pain, 
She likes to see my nerve-cells, 
Numb as rain.

She stabbed the Sword, 
Like I was the Sheath, 
Now she chokes my Bleeding Nostrils, 
So I cant Breathe…. gasp..

Challenges are Many, Opportunities a few. Thus I chose to finish with the Opportunities first and then take up the Challenges One-by-One! 

Welcome Everyone! Happy Today 🙂