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Monthly Archives: April 2009

HAHAHA! Confidence to wear Girlie stuff?! Whatta Thumbs Down. Huh!


Recession is like being drunk … U realize the pits only when U fall in 😉

Well. Relationships are for convenience. We love everyone who love us. And our love lasts for just as long as we think about it.

As we walk, we can see the Best Parts of our Life waving at us from either Horizons of our Vision. “Goodbye” at one end and “Hey! I am Here” at the other. And the World is Round.

I had started it long back and lost my book. At last I read “Who Moved My Cheese?” yesterday sitting at Crosswords.

“Life is not mere Survival, it’s Smiling at every Challenge.” What Say?

Yesterday’s Explocity Unplugged at Barista, Garuda Mall was Great! Sumeru’s Band made the time smile worthy! Great Performance guys!

Our own RJ Anjaan’s Blog. As all of us know he is among the top 15 finalists chosen for the “World’s Best Job”. This blog will give constant updates on all that happens on his journey and beyond.

Im Anjaan a Radio DJ, traveller, event manager, freelance compere, wise crack expert and party animal. I thought I already had the best job -until Tourism Queensland came up with a fantastic contest which got phenomenal response worldwide. …
A lean bare man on the banks of a river near Champaran, his eyes moist with sadness, letting go of his shawl for a poor woman downstream to cover herself and her child. This poignant moment from Richard Attenborough’s biopic on Gandhi is perhaps the most eloquent image of selfless politics.

After reading this, the first thing that came to my mind was for the Supreme Court to make it mandatory for Politicians contesting or in office to first get their PAN Cards done and declare all their assets. And of course invest in one infrastructure project each from their own assets. I know I am talking all this in anger, and is less practical as the Govt at all levels are involved in the amassment of Public Welfare money. However, does the Lokayukta have no powers to get these parasites of Public Money punished and their wealths returned to the treasury?

So, its Shave after Brush and Floss.

On January 11, 2009, there was an article on Times titled “World’s first flying car prepares for take-off”. Seemed COOL!

And then I saw a comment by James from New York which cited info about Skycars, way back in 1940s. He quoted the website as

COOL again! What say?

Mail Online that talks about the “Scarab Car” that runs on Alternative Energy and takes 1/4th Parking space. Kudos to invention!

Just I was WOWing…Scientists of Israel say cars zipping on a mile of asphalt road can generate 640+KW of raw power enough for 12 smallcars to run  a distance

Hats off to these Scientists. Human Brains are such Miracle makers! What say?

With the Tax Season fast approaching, it time we knew our Money. Here are the instant reference channels for the nerd. 🙂

If 2007 was the year of social media, then 2008 was the year of niche social media. If you’re a plugged-in money geek, you’ve likely outgrown your reliance on catch-all social media sites like Digg and Delicious. …
An evolution in Communication, was making interaction possible online. The breakthrough, surely has helped make talking, messaging and connecting with people you know and you don’t, possible and less cumbersome. However, an online diary, did not sound so great to me.
Your diary was a talk with yourself, exclusive and personal, ain’t it?  And today, I see it become more of a platform to share thoughts and experiences.
I agree, the flip side of the discussion, certainly means knowledge exchange. Be it knowing your own self better or something you like to know more about, and connecting to people to acquire that knowledge.
It all started with online forums specific to interests. And then came blogs and then the Orkuts and the Facebooks surfaced. Today even a humble Photo Uploading website has Social Networking integrated. And here we see a ‘minglebox’, a ‘myspace’ and an ‘ibibo’ making a difference and most recently ‘lifeblob’. All have wonderful yet different features, and I had ended up opening test accounts on all of them.
Today, when I look back I realize that although every new Social Networking website has its own advantages, could not it have been much easier, if all were just extensions to one huge interface and one common database?
It certainly is a high getting onto these various online networks and making new friends. However, it always means inviting friends or joining another website. And the focus shifts back to the basic. Is it worth scattering my presence all over the web (WOW! The I am all over the Internet & Google Search feeling is ecstatic), or should it be just me and my diary, and a unconditional, uncompromising, effortless minddump of my emotions, expressions and thoughts?
Now am I a hype victim here?

” It shouldn’t be Black,
It shouldn’t be White,
It should be Meaningfully right;

It shouldn’t be Grose,
It shouldn’t be Gay,
It should still be what I say;

It shouldn’t be Foul,
It shouldn’t Stink,
It should make my Braincells think;

It shouldn’t be Bland,
It shouldn’t be Rave,
It should be here to stay ” ;

If this is what,
Everyone likes,
So Be it Amen;
Let them growl,
Let them swear,
Let them hit the ceiling.

Staying in a remote location and with buses being an hourly affair, the easiest option seemed to be WALK. With the bus stop a kilometer away, our feet carried us distances, until we could spot a speeding big box somewhere at the end of the horizon. And by the time we could read its route number board, the red monster had sped past us to the bus stop ahead. And Lo! We missed the bus of the hour.

In the holidays, my cousin was all so glee about having mastered the trick of riding the Famous DOODHwala bicycle. Too short for its seat, he used to tuck the bike’s seat bar between his arm and side and peddle the cycle with either legs hanging on peddles. Amusing yet a wonder to be seen.

And on my request, he readily agreed to be my tutor. Well all this was after a few days of showing off his proudest achievement and a few tricks on the bike he had learnt (including sitting on the seat and peddling with his BigToes).

It took a lot of him running behind my cycle, and me many a fall and bruises before I could comfortably place myself on a cycle and move my legs with peddles. And one fine day I realized I was fit to ride beyond the bus stand.

Incidentally, my aunt, uncle and cousins (whom we stayed with) decided to move out to a new house closer to my uncle’s place of work. And my cousin decided he would leave the old bicycle with me to use. Although I was sad to let him go, I was happy to possess the machine that could carry me whereever I wanted to go.

As I graduated to a proficiency in cycling, I started taking it to college. It was more of pride to show-off of my abilities, of having cycled 20 Kilometers to college and been in time, to my classmates who stayed near and came at the strike of the bell or sometimes later. A year passed and the next chunk of freshers joined College. Being closer to a posh locale, it was obvious for the college to attract the attention of some rich brats who brought in their mopeds and scooterettes. Yes, all these guys gave my cycle a huge complex.

This was reason enough for me to pester my father to give me his moped to ride. Again a series of falls and bruises. Soon after, I gained just enough confidence and a Learner’s License to take the moped places; I started taking it to college. And my father knew he had to give up his convenience for my luxury. That way, I was pampered enough.

A couple of years on the moped earned me my first second-hand Scooterette Kinetic Pride. And my days of joy began. And again they were short lived. The 75cc “dainty darling” kissed a newly made footpath (a first in our Town) and was reduced to junk. Okay I exaggerated! It was too expensive to be repaired and I had to sell it at a humble price.

Today, I own a 150cc bike and happily sneak through the tiniest gaps between large vehicles to reach just off time. And now when sitting behind the steering wheel gives me jitters, I comfort myself with the heroic efforts of the yesteryears. All that in the presence of the driving instructor, of course!

The shout and cry on petty fights,
The bombings and killings for equal rights,
The storms and landslides, are all around,
None to account, adding to the rant.
Terror today is at its Ruthless best,
And the wimp excuses are hard to digest.

It’s News and this time its AB’s New Baby too.

Looks like our own dear Bachchan Senior is out to make his role in his upcoming flick ‘Rann’ a reality.  Sri Amitabh Bachchan plays the role of  Media baron and owner of a News Channel on TV called India 24/7. Rumours have already spread of him wanting to take the next step to blogging; a livewire News Channel also called ‘India 24/7‘. Unlikely that’s its a coincidence.

Considering the persona and professional he is, I am sure, his fans and his supporters will help him take News to a Brand New Level altogether.

What do you guys think?

:: Sleep Tips for Getting the Rest You Need ::

Here’s just a few tips for healthy and restful sleep.

Sleep only when sleepy – There’s no reason to go to sleep or attempt to sleep if you aren’t tired.

If you cannot fall asleep within 20 minutes, get up until you are tired and try again. Don’t lie awake for hours.
Nap no more than 20 minutes and certainly not too late in the day as it will interfere with going to sleep later.

Get up and go to bed at the same time every day. This includes weekends. Establish a sleep routine and stick with it.

Refrain from exercising 4 hours before your regular bedtime. You can do morning workouts and late afternoon but if you workout too close to bed time, you’ve essentially just woken yourself up. It will be harder to go to sleep quickly if you’ve just got your blood flowing.

Develop sleep rituals. Many parents try and calm their children down 20 minutes or more before bed. This establishes a relaxation time frame before sleeping. Whatever you can do to relax before going to bed.

Only use your bed for sleeping.

Stay away from stimulates 4-6 hours before bed. That includes alcohol, nicotine and caffeine.

Have a light snack before bed.

Take a hot bath 90 minutes before bed. Some studies have shown that a drop in body temperature will leave you feeling sleepy. The bath will warm you up and getting out will cool you down. That drop can leave you feeling ready to sleep and it’s a relaxing ritual as well before heading off to bed. A hot/warm shower will also do the trick.

Ensure your bed and bedroom are quiet and comfortable. This means the place where you sleep is conducive to sleeping.

One sleep “secret” action you can take within 45 seconds of opening your eyes in the morning, to instantly raise your energy is to use sunlight to set your biological clock. When light hits your skin, it starts to destroy melatonin. The faster you can get rid of melatonin, the less groggy you will feel upon waking. The first 15 seconds you can either open up a window and get some sunlight or you can look near a bright light if it’s too dark outside. This will help to wake you up quickly and get rid of that groggy feeling you sometimes can feel.

Hi Friends,
Yes, I am experimenting. Once again. There is a lot of my yester-poems that you have read. And then again, there are those articles that I feel will make Absolute Sense to the Smile on your face.

Hence, I have included excerpts from other websites I visit and I find interesting.

See Ya Soon! 🙂