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Monthly Archives: May 2009

It wasn’t bright sunlight,
It wasn’t even dark,
When my Mom decided I go,
For a long little walk.

The lazy one I am,
Had to drag my feet along,
To divert my attention,
I started humming a song.

As I sang the song,
I felt an adrenaline of emotions,
A moist tiny globule,
Ran down my cheek in slow motion.

And suddenly I felt a hand,
Firm on my tall shoulders,


The Twisted Truth

You’ve a Left Right Syndrome,
“Is that it?
Did you get what I said?
“Well, I almost did.
Are we on the right road?
“Guess, we are close.
Is it always this dark?
“I guess, it is.
This HELL is Twisted,
“This is HEAVEN, you twit!

How cosy can she get?
How happy can she be?
Dumping me in Distress,
How smiling can she seem?

Din’t her heart bleed,
Whence she made me beg,
Din’t her nerves shatter,
Before she made me a wreck.

I stand alone this day,
Waiting for my sleep forever,
I know for cetain sure,
She will cry on my cadaver.

But who would care then,
When I am a dead log,
Only if she was bold,
We could’ve lived the life we longed!

One for the Road

One for the Road

In recent days I find myself,
Enjoying my journey on endless roads,
The twists, the turns, the Hairpin Bends,
The sudden excitement the unseen brings.

The pretty girls, the envious stares.
The dog crossing the road that scares,
The sudden brakes, the rapid dares,
The screams of backseat standing hairs.

The “oh! so far”, the “oh! so near”,
The foggy windshield, the sky so clear,
The Trees and bushes with flowers of cheer,
The backseat drivers, shouting in fear!

All this and some lonesome drives,
Quiet Roads and Engine rumms,
The Breeze on the face, the fragrance strong,
The Smell of the Rain and nature’s song.

I went to the supermarket today, to get some food,
Gathering all the gyaan, from my father, I stood
At the Vegetable counter, I saw a sad scene,
There was hardly any stock, many racks were clean.

Of the little I found, ’twas a pitiful sight,
The tomatoes were wounded, the carrots were white,
The potatoes were wrinkled, the cucumbers were sapped,
Looked like the beans, were far too ripe.

What more do I see, even the fruits are dejected,
The worms had mangoes, as the Maazas were protected,
The grapes looked sad, the bananas had holes,
Could it be the beetles, had drilled their cozy homes?

While I was walking back, with my empty Shoulder Bag,
I head some noise, felt like it came from the rag,
From under it there, I heard silent screams,
The rotten Fruits and Veggies were bleeding on their seams.

I stood helpless, while I walked to the Door,
Noticed how they were treated, strewn on the floor,
Seemed like recession, had hit these poor things,
Or were they angry sales girls, who cared for nothing?

I know we are strangers,
I know we are new,
That precious twinkle in your eye,
Brought me to you!

That Gorgeous Hair,
Your sweet sly Smile,
Drove me to pen,
This verse for you!

Not that I could not,
Resist the temptation,
Just that I got generous,
While complimenting you!

To some this may sound Disgusting. However, I find it difficult to understand, why this medical mystery was never unveiled to the public?

One of my friend’s recited her experiencing the Ectopic Pregnancy Disorder. Was she aware of the existence of this, she could have saved her to-be-born.

Kindly read about Ectopic Pregnancy Disorder at :


When I read today’s Bangalore Times article on Daisy Bopanna and Sreesanth, and her interview at dated March 25th, 2009 – 5:58 pm ICT :- ,

I walked down memory lane, to recollect those days when Daisy used to be my Student at Arena Aptech. A very Happy-go-lucky, mischievous smile, ever-happy (or was it ever-grinning) tall girl.

She was a CKP student and had probably joined Arena to learn some Computer-aided Creative tools to help in her job hunt post her course.

Her height and confidence she carried herself with, made a few of us suggest she should get into modeling. She wasn’t too keen, back then. She used to just brush it away, saying she doesn’t have the looks or the thirst for glamor to be one.

After that it was back to exploring the magic of Adobe Illustrator. Post that class, I joined the same batch to learn Photoshop from Sriram (a senior faculty).

It’s only after I saw the Credits of Garam Masala did I look close and notice, it was the same girl. I remember calling her home and wishing her for her success.

Fiddling with Computers was my passion, hobby and whatever you could call it. It had to be hands-on though. I was not a guy, who would sit in a Theory class and hear the textbooks being read out loud.

After going to several institutes and many rigorous inquiries, a-la interviews of faculties, I found Arena Aptech worth its word. I also got the privilege of getting as much hands-on time on the Apple Mac and PCs to practice.

I started learning the longest course available those days, viz. Advanced Diploma in Multimedia, from Arena Aptech. And after the first few introductory classes, we started Adobe Illustrator. Fascinated by the magic I could make by that Software, I had learnt to be good at it. I had practiced for hours to attain that knowledge.

This was spotted by my Centre Head and I was given a few classes to teach, including my own batchmates who had missed classes or simply had no clue what they had to do to master the tools of creativity.

During such a class, was a tall, pretty tomboyish girl sitting at the last bench along with her other pretty new friends, Daisy Bopanna (yes, the same “Garam Masala” / “Gaalipata” girl).

A Good plan of Today is better than a Great plan of Tomorrow. Look Back with Satisfaction and look Ahead with Confidence.