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It’s a belief that better quality means more money. And the canvassers of this concept, sell their goods at sky high profits. Recession came as a blow to many, including brands and traders. Prices of goods fell, in the form of discounts, as consumers weighed less on their pockets.

The big brands fell flat on their face, when the buyers realized the true value of things around. Do we see regret? Not for too long.

After all this, there would still be people, who will rake up their rates and talk the same lingo again. And the brand followers will end up paying the price they quote.

The question arises then, if quality was measured in terms of money, would it mean that the less affording strata of the society, deserve lousy products? Is it fair of the big companies to play this game?

What say? Express uninhibited! Discuss your opinion! After all the power is in the thought, more than the words.


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