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Monthly Archives: October 2009

My sister sent me an email which read, “FW: Shocking News”, and had a
scanned letter attached. This letter in the image read that if you
receive a call from someone asking to enter #09 or #90 cut the call as
this is a Terrorist initiative to use your phone to make outgoing
calls. What intrigued me was that the Letter was just signed by
someone and scanned and did not look original. It also said CNN has
this news online. Curious to know the truth, I did a Google search and
found no relevant supporting information, except this website which
helped decipher the rumor. It also lists AT&T’s response to this
rumor. . Turns out that the #90 phone
scam is a Big Bully Joke! LOL! ūüėÄ

Like the long list of hoaxes has enlisted on their
FAQs with valid explanation and trackbacks.

Thanks Hoax Buster! ūüôā

All of a sudden the market is turning consumer driven. The consumer is smarter and sets expectations, and the technology, product and service providers are churning out conveniences to meet them. Be it in making smarter computing for tomorrow a reality using high-performance, low-power consuming components like AMD's triple-core Athlon chips or providing simpler alternatives like Microsoft offering thier Windows 7 on USB Drives for Netbooks  or even low cost broadband going prepaid, technology is increasing being used to ease the lifestyle of the consumer.  

And corporates haven't stop there. They are harnessing various technologies to make thier connect-to-consumer a better experince now including building B2B platforms. 

[Keep reading… more to follow…]¬†
Bright like the Sunshine, Moon and Stars, 
Wish your life shines like a spark, 
With Energy and Excitement and Happiness Galore, 
And loads of opportunities to Explore.
May your days and nights hereon, 
Be filled with Smiles and Cheers, a ton. 

A Very Happy Deepavali (Diwali) to you, your family and your friends. 

Smile ūüôā always

The sleep without dreams,
The Barrel without Beer,
The feeling of loneliness,
Sorrow without the tear,
Leaves me pondering,
Is this what I’ve got in store?
Will life give another territory,
For me to explore?

While I was pondering about what's so great about October 7, apart from the fact that this day is special to me, I discovered a few more things, I could flaunt. 

When I went to google for the same, I found Google is celebrating the anniversary of the bar code which was patented on 7th of October 1952. The BarCode which is the method of automatic identification and data collection, thanks to its inventors, Joseph Woodland and Bernard Silver, looked like a "bull's eye" symbol, made up of a series of concentric circles. The BarCode was first used commercially in 1966. 
[ Excerpts from and read more at ]

And further googling I found that it was also this day of 1975 that Ysidro M. Martinez was granted the Patent (#3,909,854) for the knee implant prosthesis. 

Some of the other links that came to my attention were:
1. ^ Nobel Foundation. "Mahatma Gandhi, the Missing Laureate". Retrieved October 7 2006
3. Machines In the Office (Discoveries & Inventions) Published in October 7, 1993, British Libary 
4. The European Patent Convention entered into force on 7 October 1977. 

All these might not make relevant sense to many, however, it was just a way I choose to flaunt the importance of this day. 

Thanks (in advance) for all you wishes and comments!

Affordable Luxury - Volvo Travel  on Twitpic

In spite of all the nags and the lags, I should admit, Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC), is doing a great job by adapting the new, pretty fast. 

A couple or more years earlier, what were a few Black numbered and a few Red numbered buses plying city and off-city routes, are now a plethora of luxury and semi-luxury options, with Volvos, BIG10s and Air Suspension Vehicles hitting the roads and easing the stress of everyday commuters. With long route buses and Airport Transfers redefined, people who earlier struggled with demanding Auto-Rickshaws, expensive City Taxis and other modes of transport are feeling great shifting onto Public Transport. 

Kudos BMTC!  Thanks to your adaptability to innovation, you have made a lot more smiles happen! ūüôā