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Monthly Archives: November 2009

Yes. The Concept of a Mobile Monday when brought together with a Tweetup, is a bunch of Geeks and Users coming together on one platform and discussing nuances of how and what Mobile apps can do to their lifestyles. Thanks to Amit Singh (@abeoye) and the Mobile Monday staff, we Tweeps were exposed to a few new apps on the Mobile platform, and they had our opinions to record.

WeMeet, Nokia's new Java Platform to send one SMS to many and still be costed at one message, was cool! Then there was Way2Goals demonstrating the use of their app, helping people making informed decisions on what's the best Fixed Deposit we could invest in.

The most exciting news of the afternoon was that, Forum Nokia Developers Conference 2009 had sponsored our food and made us happy.
The food spread at Kyra was good, however what left me wanting for more was their Gulab Jamun and Strawberry Mousse. Lip-Smacking, I say! That alerts me, that the next time on, I should start and end with the deserts. 😛

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All delighted after I saw the refreshing new Windows7 on my friend’s system, I understood why even Mac and Unix lovers did not detest it, as opposed to the pompous Vista that made no sense. Very soon I would have Windows7 on my system (upgrading from WinXP). I was not sure whats the hardware I required to have and if I would like Win7, however there is lot left to discover yet and thankfully I have my WinXP CD to  reinstall if I dont like Win7.

To save myself from the regret for lack of support and software, I was looking around to see if I am going to be safe on Win7. And the first, as most Windows users would, was my search for Antivirus. The Good News is even AVG and Avast free Antivirus programs had started supporting Win7. However, the best ranked Antivirus was Microsoft’s Security Essentials. WOW! Microsoft seemed to have learnt its lesson and acted real fast and well. I will settle down with Avast and Threatfire (if they have the Win7 version) to stop “zero-day” threats. I found the lists on the best FREE Antivirus for Win7 at howtogeek, Taragana’s Blog and downloadsquad.

Even more interesting was Windows giving out the Tips and Tricks for Win7 on their website as download. And while searching for more articles for my appetite, I found we had ways to remove the unwanted softwares Windows installed by default (I mean the Trial versions and the less used shortcuts and softwares) and choose “FREE for Life” alternatives at DownloadSquad with PC Decrapifier and Ninite. I prefer to install the free bunch of: Google Chrome for a  browser, 7Zip for a file compressor, Paint.Net for image editing, Revo for an uninstaller and CCleaner to keep my system clean of cache and registry leftovers.
You even have a Guide to Power Management and help on how to resize partitions. And with a few themes thrown in and the option for a Secure Login, I seem like I am good to go.

Will meet you soon on the other side of Windows7, with more on if Microsoft really kept to their promise of “Your PC, simplified”. 🙂

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As you all know I get my inspirations for my poems from things I read, see, hear or do. And today I was reading, and wondered. This is my response opinion:

Deluding yet Demystifying,
Dreadful yet Timid,
The feeling of the mind, BEHOLD
In emotions is lipid.

Once thought this sounded toothsome,
And now its burning within,
Why do I feel like a sack of smileys?
Am I not made of Flesh n Skin?

Hey Folks! Many of us (including me) feel that famous artists are
fussy about meeting new people et all. Maybe some are. However, I did
not find that with Shibani Kashyap, who I met at Kyra, Bangalore. Just
just managed to reach when she was about to render her last song for
the evening. “Alvida” as aptly named, was a wonderful song, and
Shibani’s voice just spelt magic.

After that Agnelo, my friend, introduced me to Naveen (the manager of
Shibani) and Shibani. And we chatted on. About Twitter and online and
exchanged a few smiles too. Strangely enough, found that Shibani’s
brother was one of the key guys instrumental in the birth of ibibo,
the social talent platform.

Here are a few pics I clicked with the Melody Queen. 🙂