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Everyone has their dark little secrets,

Eveyone are living with stealth spades, 

When shows on TV start stripping us naked, 

Is when wrath and fury cascade. 


There is love and hatred between any two, 

Everyone hates to face defeat, 

Even if it from kith n kin, 

None takes it sitting in his seat. 


Bringing out the differences is disturbing, 

It causes more than just harmony errosion, 

We aam janta, the mango people, 

Cant live life without suspicion. 


When we loose ground of the truth to false, 

And are made to face our inner devil, 

Its pain and tears to all that take hurt, 

As the accused is going through every peril. 


That’s why my friend, the wise men say, 

Take life in your stride, it aint smooth sail, 

You have to expect the unexpected and smile, 

As every damn color has its pale.


Posted via web from Rime O Reason


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