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Thanks to ShaaqT(on Twitter) ‘s post, I am inspired to write mine today. I liked her approach, however I would take a different one. Let me see if I can see where shortcuts have helped. The most evident use of Shortcuts is to save once’s skin. 

Back at school, I had a couple of friends, who could not afford two pairs of uniform. They used to rush home and wash the cuffs, collars and the armpits of their white school shirt they wore, hung it to strain out the water, and fold and put it under their beds to ensure they had their school uniform for the next day, neat and clean. Shortcut for sure, however the best one to avoid getting punished for not wearing their uniform or wearing a smelly unpressed one. Shortcut to avoid shame. 

And then of course there are the ones who just brought us joy. 

We saw Kamal Hassan, in the silent masterpiece of a movie Pushpak, put coins in his half tea just to enjoy the pride of drinking a full glass. LOL! Shortcut to pride. 

And long back when I came to Bangalore, I loved the sight of a cheesy Pizza, however hated the idea of asking my parents for the money.  So I worked at a Pizza place, bunking classes. And I made my own Pizza, and munched on it with pride. Shortcut to happiness. 

Where shortcuts to success are not my recommendation, shortcuts to live the small joys of life are surely a thumbs up. As long as it does not hurt or intimidate someone. What say? 

Do You have any such incidents to share. Put it in the comments. Would love to include a couple here. 🙂 

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  1. Nice post, Shyam. Enjoyed reading it. Took me jogging down my childhood and what short-cuts I would take.

    One that I can remember is finishing up all my homework on a saturday, so that sunday would be all for me. Twas hard work never the less, but at least in the end, sunday would be entirely at my disposal!

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