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My views on some news

I have been using MSOffice since I knew computers. And have a love-hate relationship with it for that long too. Hate cos it slowed down my PC. Love cos its so feature-rich. And then the slow bit became so irritating, I moved to Notepad. Loved it and Love it even now, however miss the formatting. So, I started using Outlook Express, as my word editor. After all, I was used to sending out emails with it.
A few days later, I earned an invite to Gmail. And it changed quite a few things. Including getting used to the Auto-Save a-la MS Office. For quite some time now I use ‘TextEdit’/’MSOffice’ on Mac, its a lot better than on a Windows OS, and ‘Notepad’ and ‘Gmail’. Then came GoogleDocs. And, good gracious, now sharing, opening and viewing attachments was GoogleDocs job.
What I missed was the  ‘Etherpad’ way of community editing. Great tool for collaboration, I should admit. As they quote “EtherPad is the only web-based word processor that allows people to work together in really real-time.
When multiple people edit the same document simultaneously, any changes are instantly reflected on everyone’s screen. The result is a new and productive way to collaborate on text documents, useful for meeting notes, drafting sessions, education, team programming, and more.”
I liked it. And soon I read “On April 14th, new pad creation will be disabled.” So as of yesterday, I lost any opportunity to create a New Etherpad. 😦

The Internet aint a bad world, after all. What do I see, Voila, our own GoogleDocs integrates the Etherpad style editting. So my respect for GoogleDocs got higher overnight. 🙂

You sure got to read this to know why GoogleDocs.
And while you are at it, just add a few lines of how you liked this post in the Comments. 🙂

All delighted after I saw the refreshing new Windows7 on my friend’s system, I understood why even Mac and Unix lovers did not detest it, as opposed to the pompous Vista that made no sense. Very soon I would have Windows7 on my system (upgrading from WinXP). I was not sure whats the hardware I required to have and if I would like Win7, however there is lot left to discover yet and thankfully I have my WinXP CD to  reinstall if I dont like Win7.

To save myself from the regret for lack of support and software, I was looking around to see if I am going to be safe on Win7. And the first, as most Windows users would, was my search for Antivirus. The Good News is even AVG and Avast free Antivirus programs had started supporting Win7. However, the best ranked Antivirus was Microsoft’s Security Essentials. WOW! Microsoft seemed to have learnt its lesson and acted real fast and well. I will settle down with Avast and Threatfire (if they have the Win7 version) to stop “zero-day” threats. I found the lists on the best FREE Antivirus for Win7 at howtogeek, Taragana’s Blog and downloadsquad.

Even more interesting was Windows giving out the Tips and Tricks for Win7 on their website as download. And while searching for more articles for my appetite, I found we had ways to remove the unwanted softwares Windows installed by default (I mean the Trial versions and the less used shortcuts and softwares) and choose “FREE for Life” alternatives at DownloadSquad with PC Decrapifier and Ninite. I prefer to install the free bunch of: Google Chrome for a  browser, 7Zip for a file compressor, Paint.Net for image editing, Revo for an uninstaller and CCleaner to keep my system clean of cache and registry leftovers.
You even have a Guide to Power Management and help on how to resize partitions. And with a few themes thrown in and the option for a Secure Login, I seem like I am good to go.

Will meet you soon on the other side of Windows7, with more on if Microsoft really kept to their promise of “Your PC, simplified”. 🙂

Posted via email from Shyam Says

As you all know I get my inspirations for my poems from things I read, see, hear or do. And today I was reading, and wondered. This is my response opinion:

Deluding yet Demystifying,
Dreadful yet Timid,
The feeling of the mind, BEHOLD
In emotions is lipid.

Once thought this sounded toothsome,
And now its burning within,
Why do I feel like a sack of smileys?
Am I not made of Flesh n Skin?

Sometimes he’s angry, sometimes he is Great,
Today its food, Tomorrow I wait,
I jumped and played, everyday before,
Today I drag my hind, my fore,
He pets me lots, I won’t complain,
Yet at times, he mets lot of pain.
He might love me, yet I am scared,
I don’t know when I am really cared.

I beat him black, I beat him blue,
I dont know why, I have no clue,
I feel so bad, when I think of it,
My anger took over my wit.
Why do I get wild, where hides my wrath,
Why does it make me take this path?
I dont like the feeling, after doing the damage,
Can’t I control my ire? Can’t I stop this ravage?
That poor speechless creature, gets to bear my brute,
And he never complains, however rude.
I pity the fella, sometimes, oh man!
I owe him an apology, the hundredth bloody time.
And I cry…

My Trip to Mumbai taught me a few new facts about FOOD, PEOPLE and OTHER…


1. The Vada Pavs of Mumbai are just too awesome to be reproduced in Bangalore.

2. That Lassi needs to be eaten with a Spoon. Its that thick and full of cream.

3. That Curds are sold in Kilograms.

4. That Shrikand’s texture is coarse with nuts and yet so smooth it slides down the throat.

5. That the Paani Pooris (Golgappas) get their taste due to the tap water and dirty hands.

6. That we can get Schezwan and Chole Jumbo(size) Vada Pavs in Brown Bread.

7. That even Vada Pavs can be Grilled.


1. If you miss the 8:16 local train, you are late to office by 25mins. In spite of there being a local train at 8:18.

2. The return pass you take on Saturday is valid till midnight Sunday.

3. All one way local train tickets have an one hour expiry.

4. Bangalore – Mumbai – by local train 24hrs, by bus 18hrs.Within Mumbai – by bus 1hour, by train 25mins incl. changing platforms for connecting trains.

5. If you dont know whether you are in the East or West, be prepared to spend 5times more autofare.

6. Mineral Water bottles taken from outside the security check-in is suspicious, Water bought inside the airport is absolutely safe.


1. That money and affordability bonds people together and classifies them as well.

2. That saying “I cant afford that place” is like I accusing the other of fleecing money from me.

3. That asking a friend for cheaper places to eat translates into one being stingy and incompetent.

4. That “Oh! You can walk into my Cabin anytime”, actually means “go get an appointment from my secretary and its my desecration then if I even want to meet you”.


1. Sweat flows down your head and drenches your shirt if you walk a Km, as if you were under a shower.

2. That no matter how many times and how well you have taken your bath, you have to take it once you come back home.

3. That the noise of the waves however loud, sounds so soothing.

4. That to find which Movie is in which Cinemas and at what Time is a treasure hunt from one page to the other. No single list / page.

5. That Rasta Roko dharnas get police protection and can dissolve in a couple of hours. Such that no one ever knows it happened.

6. That Rasta Roko dharnas (Road-blocking Rebellious Processions) can cause the autofare to go by 4 times for the same distance.

It was the first time in Fashion,
Bangalore was taken seriously,
Coping up with the Metros,
Was Bangalore certainly.

They knew it wasn’t easy,
They knew they weren’t big,
They put the show together,
It was a Dream Merchants gig.

The whos-who was present,
The big names showed their crafts,
It was an opportunity sure,
For Creative (wo)men of sorts.

There were some who went conventional,
There were some so refershing new,
The Gorgeous girls sashayed the ramp,
Dressed in impressive hues.

Babycorns and Peacocks on yards,
Mohit wowed the crowd,
The trendy magic of Ramesh Dembla,
Made our city men proud.

Bhakti’s and Kaira’s designs,
Bridged the west south gap,
Diganth, Zulfi and Jackie,
Were the stars for whom, all clapped.

At last there was the bubbly,
Samant Chauhan, oh boy!
He cast a spell that everyone loved,
A fresh new trend, ahoy!

Awaiting for the days ahead,
Are all the fashion freaks,
When Manoviraj Khosla and Rocky S,
Will show Bangalore their streaks.

Walk up, Walk down,
In Green, In Brown,
Till dusk, from dawn,
In a long, short gown.

Steps to the song,
A sweet smile long,
A whish, and a turn,
Then a stare that can burn.

Some hep, some bland,
Some none can stand,
Some drool, some pause,
At the end, all applause.

“Its just a small lil herb’, he said,
‘What harm will it do to me?”
He chewed it, while they smoked up,
“I hate to smoke” said he.

In a while before he knew of it,
He had a dizzy feeling,
His roof went high below his toe,
His world had a different meaning.

He felt as if he was seeing a show,
Whence his mates were scoring neat,
He liked the feel of his every step,
Being lighter than his feet.

And then the table turned and skewed,
Right before his eyes,
All the people around him dear,
Looked like tiny mice.

He fought the floating sense sometimes,
And shook his head to see,
He was standing with a plate in his hand,
There was no sign of the meal.

Did he eat or did he not,
Was a puzzle too big to crack,
He washed his hands off the morsels,
And fell into dreams in a snap.

Its not that you are cursed,
You’re not a blimey slave,
Its not your fate that turns worse,
You’re not a mere doll of clay,

You have feelings and thoughts,
Which warn you every day.
You have yourself to answer to,
You dont just breathe alive to stay,

Listen to it with caution,
Hear your conscience scream in pain,
You are no master of your own,
You Disobey. You Pay.

Not life, Not love,
Its our mind thats screwed up,
Not luck, Not chance,
Its We who give up,
Can see that bright light at the end of the tunnel,
It just that its steep and scary to go up.

Are we scared, oh! Yes,
Then why blame whatever,
Its just another opportunity,
That was devoured by our fear.


Heaven and Hell are mere illusions,
God and Devil created to scare,
The surprise that life unveils is thus,
Death is the beginning of every new dare!

What do I mean? Am I insane?
No! Its just life on another plane.
Where one believes not that he won,
Until he rolled in the river of pain.

Dard-e-Dil ki dastaan hai ye,
Bhikre kwaab ke armaan hai ye,
Aap chahe isse shayari samjhe,
Mere beete hue ehsaas hai ye.

The mind plays a dirty game,
For it craves selfishly, for an easy name,
When you’re in love, you are talked about,
You fall out of it, and its gossip for louts,
Your idea sounds zing, they lap it up,
Expectations fail, you are screwed up,
You lose, you gain, its all the same,
For the mind only needs, its claim to fame.

How would it be the feeling of death
The Curiosity soaked deeper every breath
I dint want to die, I dint hate to live,
I loved myself enough more than said.

I lay on the iron rails too numb to ponder
Blown by the feeling that filled my mind
Brutal, Ruthless, were words I had heard
Never fealt the need to explore the unsaid.

Right there in my eyes death stared at Me,
I couldn’t feel the pain, nor Fear scared Me,
Was I wrong? Am I right? too late to think
A minute more and am no better than bread.

The rush of blood, it felt so nice
The next very moment I was restless as mice
It was bright sunlight and now its dark
Broken into parts, I sure shud be dead.

” Life can only be understood backwards but
It must be lived forward. ”

Pretty strange and very True.

Us Husn ki Tamanna hum karte gaye,
Jiskpe hak humara tha hi nahi,
Us Ashq ki hifasat hum karte gaye,
Jisko hum kabhi na rok sake,
Kya pata kal ki zehnat humme kya degi,
Aaj hi zindagi ne saath choda,
Maut ki Zalim har waqt yeh Sajish thi,
Ain waqt pe vo bhi faraar hai ab.

Time, Money and Happiness share the same melting point – Desire Infinite!


Number portability on GSM in the Metros of India
More hear-say
International Mobile operators in India

Hi All,

Mobile Number Portability for India By Q4 2008
In a much awaited move, the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) announced the introduction of “number portability” in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai giving about 18% of the total mobile subscriber base in the country, or over 37.5 million mobile customers the option to change their operators without changing their mobile number. This move, which should come into play by the fourth quarter of 2008, is expected to increase the overall churn in the industry, forcing the mobile operators, to enhance both their service as well as their offerings. Hopefully, it would also lead to lower prices for the consumers, and give new players a better playing field.
“The average churn in the industry is 3 to 4 per cent but with portability it could go up to 8 to 10 per cent. It is bound to impact incumbents who will lose some of their high-paying customers,” said an analyst.
However, so far it has only been introduced for mobile subscribers – wonder if and when it would come in for landlines as well.

-> Read:


More hear-say on the same:
1. CDMA is yet not compatible to adopt Number Portability
2. Tata and Reliance will come with a SIM that can double up as a CDMA+GSM SIM card
3. Six new operators including Aircell (Chennai), Tata, Reliance, Virgin, Shyam Telecom(yes, you heard it right) and Idea are coming to Bangalore
4. Aircell have inaugurated their office in BTM Layout already.

One more recent Article says:

Norway’s Telenor buys Unitech’s telecom firm
BS Reporters | Business Standard | New Delhi, October 30, 2008

Sees scope for growth despite crowded market.

Norway-based Telenor, the world’s seventh largest telecom operator with a subscriber base of about 159 million, has bought new-generation telecom company Unitech Wireless, which holds a licence for 22 circles, by paying Rs 6,120 crore for a 60 per cent stake.

The company is promoted by Delhi-based realty group Unitech, which was in the news last week after its share price was hammered down on rumours of payment defaults.

The telecom firm will invest Rs 15,000 crore in the next three years and roll out services in 22 circles, for which it has received a licence in phases. In the first phase, it will roll out services in 13 circles, for which it has received spectrum, or the radio frequencies that enable wireless communications, by the middle of next year.

Although Chandra said the company received a “fair price” for the value of the licence, the price at which the deal has been struck is lower than a similar deal struck by Etisalat last month. The UAE-promoted firm bought 45 per cent in another new licence holder, Swan Telecom, for Rs 4,050 crore for 13 circles that gives Swan an enterprise value of Rs 10,350 crore.

Also, in June this year the AV Birla group’s Idea Cellular bought BK Modi’s 40.8 per cent stake in Spice Communications for Rs 2,700 crore for just two circles with over 4.5 million subscribers.

Unitech, however, paid Rs 1,650 crore as licence fee for the pan-Indian licence, for which it gets a valuation of over Rs 11,000 crore.

Telenor has operations in Bangladesh (where it is the largest mobile operator), Pakistan, Malaysia and Thailand. With over 65 million subscribers in Asia, it is the fourth-largest global player in this market after SingTel, NTT DoComo and Vodafone.

-> Now, this means there is going to be more players in the Communications arena.

– > Anyone has any more updates, kindly mail and contribute to our knowledge.

A decade ago, everyone tuned into the DoorDarshan at 9 to watch the latest happenings that could turn headlines on the newspapers of the next day. Today we have close to 70 News Channels, churning out News and related information every minute of the day.

EVen more shocking is the fight of News providers to grab attention on the Press, TV, Radio and even the Internet. With close to a billion keen audience of current affairs it seems like all these Channels are battling day and night on who can grab more eyeballs.

Though close to 333 million TV audience spent 114 minutes of their time watching news in 2000, in 2007 the 437 million people could accomodate only 92 minutes in a day for this activity. And where the newspaper/press readers of 232 million have gone up by 302 million, the minutes per day spent on reading them, had gone down from 32mins a day to 27minutes per day in 2007.

Considering that the increase in number of subscribers is due to the constant incline in literate population, and current affairs is hot property even today, where is the news seeker running to access it?

A recent study says where a few months back News-on-the-move through your mobile phone was just about 30 thousand subscriptions, today, in just about 15months its an amazing 3 million. Now we know why the iPhones and the handhelds are making their markets.