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My sister sent me an email which read, “FW: Shocking News”, and had a
scanned letter attached. This letter in the image read that if you
receive a call from someone asking to enter #09 or #90 cut the call as
this is a Terrorist initiative to use your phone to make outgoing
calls. What intrigued me was that the Letter was just signed by
someone and scanned and did not look original. It also said CNN has
this news online. Curious to know the truth, I did a Google search and
found no relevant supporting information, except this website which
helped decipher the rumor. It also lists AT&T’s response to this
rumor. . Turns out that the #90 phone
scam is a Big Bully Joke! LOL! 😀

Like the long list of hoaxes has enlisted on their
FAQs with valid explanation and trackbacks.

Thanks Hoax Buster! 🙂

All of a sudden the market is turning consumer driven. The consumer is smarter and sets expectations, and the technology, product and service providers are churning out conveniences to meet them. Be it in making smarter computing for tomorrow a reality using high-performance, low-power consuming components like AMD's triple-core Athlon chips or providing simpler alternatives like Microsoft offering thier Windows 7 on USB Drives for Netbooks  or even low cost broadband going prepaid, technology is increasing being used to ease the lifestyle of the consumer.  

And corporates haven't stop there. They are harnessing various technologies to make thier connect-to-consumer a better experince now including building B2B platforms. 

[Keep reading… more to follow…] 
Bright like the Sunshine, Moon and Stars, 
Wish your life shines like a spark, 
With Energy and Excitement and Happiness Galore, 
And loads of opportunities to Explore.
May your days and nights hereon, 
Be filled with Smiles and Cheers, a ton. 

A Very Happy Deepavali (Diwali) to you, your family and your friends. 

Smile 🙂 always

The sleep without dreams,
The Barrel without Beer,
The feeling of loneliness,
Sorrow without the tear,
Leaves me pondering,
Is this what I’ve got in store?
Will life give another territory,
For me to explore?

While I was pondering about what's so great about October 7, apart from the fact that this day is special to me, I discovered a few more things, I could flaunt. 

When I went to google for the same, I found Google is celebrating the anniversary of the bar code which was patented on 7th of October 1952. The BarCode which is the method of automatic identification and data collection, thanks to its inventors, Joseph Woodland and Bernard Silver, looked like a "bull's eye" symbol, made up of a series of concentric circles. The BarCode was first used commercially in 1966. 

And further googling I found that it was also this day of 1975 that Ysidro M. Martinez was granted the Patent (#3,909,854) for the knee implant prosthesis

Some of the other links that came to my attention were:
1. ^ Nobel Foundation. "Mahatma Gandhi, the Missing Laureate". Retrieved October 7 2006
3. Machines In the Office (Discoveries & Inventions) Published in October 7, 1993, British Libary 
4. The European Patent Convention entered into force on 7 October 1977. 

All these might not make relevant sense to many, however, it was just a way I choose to flaunt the importance of this day. 

Thanks (in advance) for all you wishes and comments!

Affordable Luxury - Volvo Travel  on Twitpic

In spite of all the nags and the lags, I should admit, Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC), is doing a great job by adapting the new, pretty fast. 

A couple or more years earlier, what were a few Black numbered and a few Red numbered buses plying city and off-city routes, are now a plethora of luxury and semi-luxury options, with Volvos, BIG10s and Air Suspension Vehicles hitting the roads and easing the stress of everyday commuters. With long route buses and Airport Transfers redefined, people who earlier struggled with demanding Auto-Rickshaws, expensive City Taxis and other modes of transport are feeling great shifting onto Public Transport. 

Kudos BMTC!  Thanks to your adaptability to innovation, you have made a lot more smiles happen! 🙂  


Blowing my windpipe with all the nicotine,
Flowing with the air, breathing it in,
Filling my lungs with the cloud of smoke,
And drowning it in with a dash of coke.

Then again it burns deep inside,
I drink alcohol for the blaze to subside,
For a while I feel cool and calm,
Then the liquor starts its charm.

As time passes by, water I need,
In litres and bottles, lots indeed,
Still my thrist is far from quench,
A lot I drink, a throat to drench.

And when I start floating high on life,
Cutting my own wings with an invisible knife,
I am bothered not, of anything at all,
As I beleive I live it, when I die bit by bit.

[Special thanks to Shaba, Solo and Vrun for their valuable inspirations and contributions]

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Thanks to the Media industry for showering Twestival India with a whole lot of love and attention this time. For posterity’s sake, let me pull it all together in one place here. Most of these are pre-event features except for Times of India. There is still a lot of scope for detailed analysis of the Twestival scene at India – if anyone is interested, let me know.

We have also been covered by TV, primarily by the two channels TV9 and CNN IBN Network 18. We did speak with NDTV but I don’t think they covered any of the events live when they happened in the six cities between 10-13 Sep. We’ve recorded the TV9 telecast – will try to get @dhempe to put that on YouTube.

Meanwhile, enjoy the attention our friends have given us here:

“This time, Twestival will be going local”
DNA Bangalore – 25 August 2009
“Tweeting for a cause”
LiveMint – 26 August 2009
“Tweet Dreams”
TimeOut Bengaluru – 04 Sep 2009
“Twestival comes to Mumbai”
Hindustan Times Mumbai – 4 Sep 2009
“Charity 2.0”
Outlook Money – 09 Sep 2009
“Working for a cause the micro way”
Times of India Chennai – 09 Sep 2009
“Local ‘twestival’ to be held at Bandra”
DNA Mumbai – 09 Sep 2009
“An offline Twitter affair, for a cause”
Times of India Bangalore – 10 Sep 2009
“Have fun at Twestival, but do volunteer”
DNA Bangalore – 11 Sep 2009
“Tweeting for a social cause”
The New Indian Express Chennai – 11 Sep 2009
“Party for a cause”
The New Indian Express Bangalore – 12 Sep 2009
“Twestival Time”
Indian Express – 12 Sep 2009
“Partying for a cause”
The Hindu – 12 Sep 2009
“Bangalore Twitter users raise money for charity”
Times of India Bangalore – 13 Sep 2009

Others/syndicated news:
“Twestival Time”
Yahoo India News – 12 Sep 2009
“Twestival: ‘Party for a Cause’ this Saturday”
MSN India – 10 Sep 2009
“TATA DOCOMO Sponsors Mumbai’s Twitter Festival”
India PR Wire – 10 Sep 2009
“Bangalore’s ‘Twitters’ to help underprivileged children”
Indian eNews – 11 Sep 2009
“Twestival (Twitter festival) Bangalore offers help to underprivileged children”
Weeks Update – 11 Sep 2009
“Bangalore’s ‘Twitters’ to help less privileged kids”
Silicon India – 11 Sep 2009
“Twestival and Dream: A Dream arrange cultural show!”
Duniya Live Bangalore – 12 Sep 2009
“Bangalore’s IT hub to use ‘Twitters’ to help underprivileged kids” – 12 Sep 2009
“IT Hub Bangalore organizes Tweet Party for charity”
UB News – 13 Sep 2009
“Bangalore Twitters rally to help needy children” – 11 Sep 2009

“Tweeting for a good cause”
CNN IBN – 15 Sep 2009

I will be keeping this post updated as and when some news gets published on Twestival India. But if you come across any other feature or coverage that I’ve missed, do let me know and I will get this updated.

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Companies splurge their marketing money on gambles they make on suggestions from Media Planners to recommendations by business friends and so called “experts”. However, at the end of all, they fail to pin point one publication or spend that made business sense to them. The question remains, what did the spend translate to? The response, at most times ends at “we did a great branding exercise”; and the bosses are bound to sit and listen.

Most businesses do not understand, what Branding is. And they even argue, “my Brand is well-known, now tell me how will you sell my product”? Strange yet true, Branding is not just about increasing the product’s perceived value as the maker of the product perceives, it is the value add that the customer acknowledges and promotes as word-of-mouth.

I always quote “Branding is by Word-of-mouth alone, everything else is advertising”. Considering the fact that what sells a product is the trust that a buyer/consumer has on the product he/she is investing in, anything from a classified listing in a newspaper to a TV commercial ad, is designed to influence the perception of the audience of which some may turn consumers of the product. e.g. When the ZooZoo (Vodaphone characters) ad was made, everyone discussed about how innovative or different the ad was and enjoyed the characters. Did it mean everyone seeing the ad bought a Vodaphone connection? Thanks. That would be euphoric. On the other hand, everyone who saw and likes or disliked the ad, talked about it. There were comments ranging from “Vodaphone’s ZooZoo ads are innovative and funny” to “Has Vodaphone gone nuts? They could have invested the same money in building towers instead”. What we can’t ignore in the whole scheme of things is that, Vodaphone and ZooZoos were the most discussed and googled of all, for a stretch of time. Vodaphone en-cashed on that and created communities and evangelists on every Social / Web Media Network. This brought them closer to their loyal followers, and people who perceived value in associating with them. And that’s exactly the difference Branding made to their product.

So the next time you are doing a Branding exercise, explore how you can connect to your Target Audience and not how many “pieces” you sold.

Read on for more.

Ee Bhoomi by Shyams
Download now or listen on posterous

Ee_Bhoomi.mp3 (588 KB)

Inspired by “Swarathma” on Saturday, and sad that the Kids (in aid of whom the Charity event was conducted) could not be a part of it, I got thinking. There was some association to Music I had to bring to my meeting with the kids, at RoundTable School, close to Bommanahalli, where Dream-a-Dream had assembled 100 of them.
And suddenly, a few lines that came into my head, turned into a somewhat Kannada song.
Here are the Lyrics in Kannada (using English letters):
Ee Bhoomi Nammadu,
Ee Gaali Nammadu,
Ee Surya Nammadu,
Aakasha Nammadu,
Namma Devaru Nave Yella,
Baduko Reeti Preeti Alva,
Namma Solige, Namma Geluvige,
Jimmedarraru Nave Yella.
Translated (attempted to) in English as:
This Earth belongs to us
The Wind belongs to us,
The Sun belongs to us,
The Sky belongs to us.
We are our own Gods,
Or Lifestyle is Love thus,
Of our Defeat, of our Victory,
The Onus lies on Us.
I always forget the tune I sing any song in. Hence, I ran home and recorded the tune as Ee_Bhoomi.wav, and (converted from WAV,recorded on Sound Recorder, to MP3, via Audacity using LAME) and  have attached it for ‘Posterous‘ to post, herewith.
Wish you guys like it, too! The kids did! 🙂 😀
Kindly post your valuable comments on Facebook, Twitter, WordPress or Tumblr.

Swarathma performing Live at Kyra 12 Sept 2009 afternoon, Indiranagar. Free KF Beer. Proceeds going to underprivileged children! Come, Let’s Party for a Cause!

Everyone has their dark little secrets. They are good to have as long as they remain secrets. The way every media is vying to sneak a peak into people’s life is growing to atrocious levels. First it were the Celebrities; now its even the mango people (aam janta)!

I saw the new Serial “Sach Ka Samna” at a friend’s place. I was pissed with the contestants and the show. Reason: firstly why have a show that strips people off their dignity on TV? Just imagine what a disaster that would be with kids watching the Tele with their parents? And moreover the families that come there are so desperate for money, they are ready to take the grave step of hurting their near and dear ones in public. Now are they considering all this, while making quick buck?

Tender feet, Soft blue eyes,
A giggle, a touch, a glitter bright,
The kick, the push, oh! so sweet,
A soft pink blush on the cheeks.

Just like this is our love today,
Humble, innocent, in its own little way,
It feels like we met, just yesterday,
And yet we grew together, everyday.

We had our grins, our baby smiles,
The grumpy face, the pillow fights,
My hair you pulled, Your face I scratched,
We fought, I cribbed, “what a lousy match!”

Grown-ups? Yes, yet children at heart,
Showing off and acting smart,
The gifts you showered, to the WOW on my lips,
The blush in my eyes, You deserved that kiss.

You are the sweetest charm I have met,
I owe you more than these pretty gifts,
I am so glad today, we are an year together,
I truly wish, this moment last forever.

A friend of mine went a week back to Dubai, and is working for the ‘Rivoli’ group. A couple of days ago, she got a call from a person who revealed he was a Pakistani and his name was Sheik. Sheik threatened her to transfer credits to his phone. He said if she cut his call or told about this call to anyone, she would be insulting his religion, Islam. A humble girl she is, at the cost of sounding rude and causing insult, she could not refuse him and paid up whatever he demanded. She later realized that she had lost close to Rs.80,000/= over a phone call. That was her savings of years.

I still don’t get, why a handful of hooligans, are bent upon bringing shame to their fellowmen, by their senseless criminal attempts. They are a disgrace to the respectable religion of Islam.

When approached, the Dubai police, voiced helplessness. That sounded like sheer indifference. Their profession, I always thought, is of helping provide justice to all inhabitants.

Does this prove the negligence of the Dubai police towards foreign workers or is all the respect they have for their profession? For once I feel, our Indian police fair much better! At least they attempt to solve the issue, or direct you to someone else, they think can help you.

I doubt, with the Law keepers showing helplessness, is Dubai a safe country to be in today?

“We are all Indians”, we say it proud,
Yet some people in the crowd,
Don’t know what it means to us,
When we see a flag, lay in dust.

There are a few who pretend to care,
While our Anthem plays, they sit in their chair,
All we need to understand is this,
We are blessed to feel the respect so bliss.

Its not a piece of land,
Its the soil where we stand.
It was struggle and bloodshed,
That brought us our Hindustan.

They fought the war for our lives today,
And look at us, we dont even care.
As long as we do value our Nation,
We shall stand tall in other’s perception.

Yes our Tiranga is our Identity,
We Indians, should be, proud to be,
Jana Gana Mana, brought us together,
It gave us unity, it earned us honor.

So, Salute your Flag,
Stand up for your Anthem,
Don’t take them for Granted,
Respect your Nation. Our Nation.

Jai Hind.

Sometimes he’s angry, sometimes he is Great,
Today its food, Tomorrow I wait,
I jumped and played, everyday before,
Today I drag my hind, my fore,
He pets me lots, I won’t complain,
Yet at times, he mets lot of pain.
He might love me, yet I am scared,
I don’t know when I am really cared.

I beat him black, I beat him blue,
I dont know why, I have no clue,
I feel so bad, when I think of it,
My anger took over my wit.
Why do I get wild, where hides my wrath,
Why does it make me take this path?
I dont like the feeling, after doing the damage,
Can’t I control my ire? Can’t I stop this ravage?
That poor speechless creature, gets to bear my brute,
And he never complains, however rude.
I pity the fella, sometimes, oh man!
I owe him an apology, the hundredth bloody time.
And I cry…

Flutter, Whish,
Dainty Fish,
Gorgeous Fins,
No Kids, No Kins,
Just Me and He,
A bond to see.

He cuts the flow,
And swims to show,
Flaunting Fins,
Majestic Spins,
His eyes Bulge out,
And lips go spout,
He likes the way,
I admire him sway.

And then one day,
Still he lay,
Sleeping soundless,
Drove me mindless,
I touched and felt,
His heartbeat melt,
His eyes he shut,
Wounded and cut.

Empty walls, fallen grub,
Motionless Water, a tearful shrub,
Few stones weeping, a gloomy me,
Is all that Joe, left behind with me.

My Trip to Mumbai taught me a few new facts about FOOD, PEOPLE and OTHER…


1. The Vada Pavs of Mumbai are just too awesome to be reproduced in Bangalore.

2. That Lassi needs to be eaten with a Spoon. Its that thick and full of cream.

3. That Curds are sold in Kilograms.

4. That Shrikand’s texture is coarse with nuts and yet so smooth it slides down the throat.

5. That the Paani Pooris (Golgappas) get their taste due to the tap water and dirty hands.

6. That we can get Schezwan and Chole Jumbo(size) Vada Pavs in Brown Bread.

7. That even Vada Pavs can be Grilled.


1. If you miss the 8:16 local train, you are late to office by 25mins. In spite of there being a local train at 8:18.

2. The return pass you take on Saturday is valid till midnight Sunday.

3. All one way local train tickets have an one hour expiry.

4. Bangalore – Mumbai – by local train 24hrs, by bus 18hrs.Within Mumbai – by bus 1hour, by train 25mins incl. changing platforms for connecting trains.

5. If you dont know whether you are in the East or West, be prepared to spend 5times more autofare.

6. Mineral Water bottles taken from outside the security check-in is suspicious, Water bought inside the airport is absolutely safe.


1. That money and affordability bonds people together and classifies them as well.

2. That saying “I cant afford that place” is like I accusing the other of fleecing money from me.

3. That asking a friend for cheaper places to eat translates into one being stingy and incompetent.

4. That “Oh! You can walk into my Cabin anytime”, actually means “go get an appointment from my secretary and its my desecration then if I even want to meet you”.


1. Sweat flows down your head and drenches your shirt if you walk a Km, as if you were under a shower.

2. That no matter how many times and how well you have taken your bath, you have to take it once you come back home.

3. That the noise of the waves however loud, sounds so soothing.

4. That to find which Movie is in which Cinemas and at what Time is a treasure hunt from one page to the other. No single list / page.

5. That Rasta Roko dharnas get police protection and can dissolve in a couple of hours. Such that no one ever knows it happened.

6. That Rasta Roko dharnas (Road-blocking Rebellious Processions) can cause the autofare to go by 4 times for the same distance.

Door ho shayad, par paas bhi ho,
Yeh Dil ki shayad, aas bhi ho,
Lekin Phir Bhi Hai Yakeen,
Mere Har pal Saath Hi Ho.

Jaise Din ki Raat tum ho,
Jaise Moun ki Baat tum ho,
Hum ko hai yeh ab maloom,
Is dil ki Jasbat tum ho.

Pyala hai yeh bhara hua,
Nasha hai yeh zara zara,
Kash mere jigar mein bhi,
Hota chahat bhara bhara.

Kya karen jab jaam ho khaali,
Aur hai nasha chada hua,
Kwaish ki hai baatein adoori,
Aur yeh din hai dhala hua.