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Tag Archives: feelings

As you all know I get my inspirations for my poems from things I read, see, hear or do. And today I was reading, and wondered. This is my response opinion:

Deluding yet Demystifying,
Dreadful yet Timid,
The feeling of the mind, BEHOLD
In emotions is lipid.

Once thought this sounded toothsome,
And now its burning within,
Why do I feel like a sack of smileys?
Am I not made of Flesh n Skin?


Its not that you are cursed,
You’re not a blimey slave,
Its not your fate that turns worse,
You’re not a mere doll of clay,

You have feelings and thoughts,
Which warn you every day.
You have yourself to answer to,
You dont just breathe alive to stay,

Listen to it with caution,
Hear your conscience scream in pain,
You are no master of your own,
You Disobey. You Pay.

Dard-e-Dil ki dastaan hai ye,
Bhikre kwaab ke armaan hai ye,
Aap chahe isse shayari samjhe,
Mere beete hue ehsaas hai ye.