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Having planned for the Momoz Tweetup this #BFT (Bangalore Friday Tweetup), I kept the invitation short and private. Thanks to @sanjaykkumar and @mithsm for making it without fail.

We started with some bland Thupka, graduated to Triple Shezwan Fried Rice and then Dragon Mushroom. Post that we went to Corner House for an Ice Cream as planned and discussed friends, food, bikes and Bangalore while savoring our Yummy choices.

Was a Wonderful #BFT 🙂


As the wise men (like me 😉 ) say, I am living my life on the edge.. cos I am fallin’ off .. into slumber at every given opportunity. Except these last two days.
Mumbai really brings the busy man in you out and running against time. Especially when you have to rush to your meeting at 8:30am and you really don’t know the difference between Santacruz East and West. I reached in time still .. do I hear Varun’s “Really??”
Being used to Bangalore’s Kormangalas and Brigade Roads, I had a tough time losing autofares worth a couple of Redbulls and a handful of Jumbo VadaPavs and Shrikands. Trust me guys, the Lassi here are as thick as Butter. And they taste WOW!
Our Airport is much better than the one in this Film City and you have everyone from the Local train hawkeress to the hep Gujrati ‘maltova’ showing off, as if they had bigger ones than Mallika Sherawat! Relax guys… I meant EGOs 🙂