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Thanks to Songita and Hrish, I was invited to the Forum Nokia Bloggers Meet. A small entrant among the experienced biggies, I walked in late as I missed my way.

Promptly greeted by Praveen Karoshi from the Nokia Developers team was introduced to the app 'WeMeet' by his friend. Pretty cool app, especially for the college kids and SMS freaks, one can send as many SMSes as possible to a group of Nokia Mobile users among friends and still be charged for just one SMS. As strange as it sounded, I did realize that t was all courtesy Nokia's relentless research on this Java app and it was a Pilot release of the beta version.

I waded my way through a few small groups catching up, shaking hands and exchanging smiles with everyone who smiled back. I reached the big man and star of the event Mohammed. Very charming guy as he was, he was patiently listening to all the WOWs and Brickbats with the same enthusiasm.

With ideas brimming my braincells, I started a conversation with Mohammed, about how we could tag all the Social Networking IDs together to one's 'WeMeet' ID and when updated the message could go to all their friends on either networks. It also would mean one did not have to reveal his Mobile number and yet welcome incoming messages. Another advantage, I saw was of employing a unification tool online which would link all the Social Networking Unique IDs / Vanity URLs to one's WeMeet account and enable conversations and planning among fiends, colleagues and group mates. This would help coordinate and plan trips, events, meetings and even casual get-together via just a couple of messages and reach out to one and all on one's friend list.

After the gyaan and chat was a impromptu photo session, whose results are herewith. In all a cheerful meeting of smiley ideas. 🙂