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As confessed of being drawn into the T20 series, especially with the India games, I felt proud to be nominated by my father for being the man behind India’s victory. He is in admiration of my inclusion in the cricket watchers (if not savors) list in the household. I was the only one who hated Cricket in my family, by the way. Not that I am any better today, its just the T20 I liked, for its paced excitement.

And now he wants me glued to the sets for the entire Final match. Superstitiously enough, both my brother and father believe, when I sat to see Yuvi play, I infused some invisible new zest in him to slash the ball beyond the boundaries. Imagine Me a humble soul, being accused for a ace hitter’s performance. LOL! And incidentally, when I made my not-so-brief visits, away from the PC, to the idiot-box, a few wickets of the opponent (South Africa /Australia) fell. GOSH! Now don’t you thing its “Ghostly”?!

I wont be surprised, if I am credited with India homing the prestigious T20 Trophy. And neither would I be surprised of being incriminated for the atrocious performances India has had in the past, by not watching them. WOOOAAH! Why ME??!!?? :O