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The warmth of the kiss, the melody of the chimes,

It just isn’t so possible, to fill it in the rhymes.

The toss of the tresses, the touch of the breeze,

How could the feeling, in words I would freeze.

The giggle of the child, the cheer of celebration,

Aint it too much, to ask for re-creation.

The golden of the sunshine, the silver of the cloud,

When painted look fake, however proud.

Tell me the truth, show me if its dealt,

To write the poem of passion, better than its felt.

I aint no angel, I aint no saint,

The devil on paper would look as faint.

Reality is so close to hearts and mind,

No match in the world can anyone find.

Lets break free, let’s let loose,

Let’s make love, they way you choose.